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Welcome To Macabre at Midnight

The Home of Your Weekly Favorite Creepy Podcast.

Welcome to the official site of the Macabre at Midnight Podcast. If you want to stay up-to-date on all of the latest goings-on, please follow. Make sure you check up out on Facebook and Twitter.

Latest from the Blog

Richard Ramirez The Night Stalker Part 1

Richard Ramirez, or as he was better known, The Night Stalker, left Los Angeles paralyzed by fear in the mid 1980s. Before his reign of terror was brought to an end, he had killed at least 14 people, and tortured several others. The life and terror of Richard Ramirez will be done in two parts…. Continue Reading →

Borley Rectory

The Borley rectory was built by Reverend Henry Dawson Ellis Bull in 1862 on Hall Road near Borley Church. The reverend moved into the rectory a year after once he was named the rector of the parish. The house was built as a replacement to an earlier rectory on the same site as the one… Continue Reading →

Eastern State Penitentiary

Located at 2027 Fairmount Avenue in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is Easter State Penitentiary. It operated from 1829 to 1971. The prison is known for having revolutionized the separate incarceration system that was pioneered at the Walnut Street Jail, which emphasizes principles of reform instead of punishment. It saw the likes of Al Capone and the bank… Continue Reading →

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